Here at Puerto Ink we are dedicated exclusively to Tattoo, Body Piercing and the highest Quality Body Jewellery, offering Greece’s largest collection of Fine Jewellery, manufactured out of Solid Gold, Implant Grade Titanium and Implant Grade Steel.

Our Philosophy about piercings:


Our piercing specialists will assist you in jewellery selection, placement and together we will achieve that one-of-a-kind style you have been searching for!
Check out the vast selection available, and you can rest assured you are truly getting the best fit for your anatomy, your style and of course your budget.


With over 5 years experience in the Piercing industry and operating out of the heart of Heraklion city centre, we are offering Piercings as they should be.
We are committed to providing our customers with the safest, friendliest and most professional piercing environment. Meaning Implant Grade equipment and jewellery, state of the art washer-disinfectors and autoclaves topped with a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the Piercing operations.


We value our customers so much that we offer free check-ups.
Our relationship is ongoing and does not finish once you walk out of our door!


Our Philosophy about tattoos:


Our team is made of nationally and internationally awarded tattoo artists and art lovers. Our mission, is to make our studio one of the greatest hub of art and design in Greece.


We always follow up on global trends and styles so we can create the best tattoos available in the city, just for you. The way we work is by creating every design unique for each of our customers, and never copy other artist’s tattoo, this is what sets us apart. Our belief is that every customer is unique , so your tattoos should reflect that. And all that in a clean, strelized and luxurious environment tailored to your taste, your budget and of course your lifestyle.


We celebrate  from every corner of the world, in all its forms with respect to its history and tradition. We believe in aprreciation of different expressions of art and transparent tolerance of all cultural, religious and societal differences.


We welcome everyone and anyone as they are. We follow the phenomenon of tattooing and its huge success globally and we bring you the greatest form of it. From fine line delicate designs to full body masterpieces, the artists are here waiting for you at the most luxurious tattoo studio ever visited.